Welcome to the Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children!

The Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (Colorado DEC) is committed to supporting children, families, organizations, and communities affected by substance abuse through increased collaboration, coordination of services, and systems integration.

Healthy child development requires positive caregiver relationships and a predictable consistent environment.  However, when parental substance use or involvement in the illegal drug trade is present in the home, the situation can be chaotic; failing to prioritize the children’s needs, and have a negative impact on their physical and emotional well-being.   Children whose parents abuse alcohol or drugs are three times more likely to be verbally, physically or sexually abused and four times more likely than other children to be neglected.  Additionally, research indicates that children in families affected by substance use are at an increased risk for substance use and mental health issues in adolescence.   The health, safety, and future success of drug endangered children are pressing issues in this country.

The primary challenge to helping drug endangered children is the lack of coordination between the social and political systems charged with preventing, intervening, and treating these cases.  Colorado DEC will support the effective coordination of multiple systems to maximize the assets of each discipline to break this cycle of abuse in families through the provision of an organizing structure, statewide network, and manageable tools.

Colorado DEC’s primary focus areas include:

    * Training & Technical Assistance
    * Drug Endangered Children Tracking System (DECSYS)
    * Colorado Substance Exposed Newborns Steering Committee
    * Rural Law Enforcement Methamphetamine Initiative

We invite you to explore our site to learn about Colorado DEC, our partners, and programs in Colorado.  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved with the Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children!


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